To be honest, I wanted to stop blogging – at least private stuff – a long time ago. But then I felt the urge of having a central hub for all my content I create and post all over the interwebz.

Sirocco, Kakapo

So here it is. A central website which I will aggregate my Instagram and Twitter stuff on – and maybe in the future I also integrate posts from my other projects in here.

hf gl.

About me:

30 // male // German // nerd for a living
Concert photographer // professional blogger

Military coordinator Goonswarm Federation / Imperium
Strategic exec Querious Fightclub


Social Networking Services


Instagram always has – to a certain degree – been the portfolio for my photography work. I post everything on there – be it work in fashion, concert or cosplay photography.




I stream occasionally. Join me and hang out in chat or just watch me fail.



Not producing content for YouTube on a regular basis (yet). But that might change anytime soon.

Double kill | and sadly hit my girlfriend 🙁 rip

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Quake lowbob duels

Quake lowbob duels -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/nakaori



On Twitter I sometimes go off ranting. Or I post random things. Join me on that journey:

Essen Motor Show 2017: Importfahrzeuge aus Fernost noch immer sehr beliebt » Convention, Kultur, Kommentar, Anime, Culture, Lifestyle, Arts » Ohanami.de ohanami.de/essen-motor-sh…

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#Cryptocoin Updates CW 05 / 2018

Okay, so we’re back with some words on the things that happened in crypto over the past week. We have to talk about the scam of Bitsequence and of course take a look again at my portfolio and what’s changed since the last post.


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