To be honest, I wanted to stop blogging – at least private stuff – a long time ago. But then I felt the urge of having a central hub for all my content I create and post all over the interwebz.

Sirocco, Kakapo

So here it is. A central website which I will aggregate my Instagram and Twitter stuff on – and maybe in the future I also integrate posts from my other projects in here.

hf gl.

About me:

30 // male // German // nerd for a living
Concert photographer // professional blogger

Military coordinator Goonswarm Federation / Imperium
Strategic exec Querious Fightclub


Social Networking Services


Instagram always has – to a certain degree – been the portfolio for my photography work. I post everything on there – be it work in fashion, concert or cosplay photography.




I stream occasionally. Join me and hang out in chat or just watch me fail.



Not producing content for YouTube on a regular basis (yet). But that might change anytime soon.

Quake lowbob duels

Quake lowbob duels -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/nakaori

League Of Legends: 3v3 Ahri

Soloq ranked Treeline -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/nakaori



On Twitter I sometimes go off ranting. Or I post random things. Join me on that journey:

Here is some more Kindred from leagueoflegends !md: starlet_tiger <3 Canon EOS 5D Mk II Tamron… instagram.com/p/BeKz3OZlXtt/

About 9 hours ago from 中おり's Twitter via Instagram


#tweetfleet: How it’s like to be a military coordinator in the largest alliance of EVE Online

It’s been a year now since I made my entrance into the higher ranks of the Imperium. One of the largest (if not THE largest) player-run organizations in an online game ever seen. The Imperium is a player coalition in EVE-Online. An MMORPG settled in the endless reaches of space. And as unique the setting …


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