To be honest, I wanted to stop blogging – at least private stuff – a long time ago. But then I felt the urge of having a central hub for all my content I create and post all over the interwebz.

Sirocco, Kakapo

So here it is. A central website which I will aggregate my Instagram and Twitter stuff on – and maybe in the future I also integrate posts from my other projects in here.

hf gl.

About me:

31 // male // German // nerd for a living
Concert photographer // professional blogger

Former military coordinator Goonswarm Federation / Imperium
Strategic exec Querious Fightclub



Artikel 13?

Das sind wirklich schwarze Zeiten für unsere Generation. Allerdings aus Gründen, die scheinbar – zumindest hierzulande – kaum einer realisiert. Vor einigen Jahren hat “ACTA” nicht nur Netzaktivisten in Scharen auf die Straße getrieben. Von der Protestfähigkeit des Volkes ist jetzt, knapp 9 Jahre später, aber nicht mehr viel zu spüren.

New Instagram algorithm – What to expect and what to do

So new year, new algorithm. Since Facebook took over Instagram, they try to implement the algorithms they use for their Facebook timeline, also into Instagram. With the changes, Facebook tries to make more money off of the picture platform. They are doing this by adjusting how influencers and big accounts with many followers are shown …