Ten years of blogging

On July 28th in 2007 it was set in stone. I wrote my first serious blogpost on my techblog MobilityMagazin.de which, at that time, still was called Eee-PC.de. It is / was a community about the internet-sensation – the small 7-inch laptop which should be available for a very small pricepoint. 249 Euros for a Windows-capable PC – no other company tried this step at that time. A new category of hardware was born – the Netbook.

What followed was a long and still ongoing story of professional blogging. Long before the term “professional blogger” became popular in Germany, I began doing it.

Wir sind froh anzukündigen, dass das erste deutsche EEE-Blog inklusive Supportforum an den Start gegangen ist.

With only one sentence I started a project which changed my life for more than a decade now.

After all those years, I had to stop counting events I attended because of professional blogging activities. If I had to think of a few occasions that I happily look back to, I’d say this most certainly must be the ASUS Eee-PC 701 launch party in Neuss, Germany, where I met the very successful Johannes Knapp in person. Today he runs Newgadgets.de but back then he was gathering first experiences in blogging under our flag. I also always mention several visits at CeBIT Hannover, which always were great fun, especially when the big players in tech had their press conferences held there. The more or less strange devices one could see at this trade fair were amazing. I really miss our little blogger-races to get hands on a new devices first.

Also when thinking about Eee-PC.de, of course the first Eee-PC.de meetup comes to my mind. We held it at a Starbucks coffee shop in Düsseldorf and 8 people from our community attended. One of them even brought the brand new Eee 900 with him – A new model with a 9 inch screen instead of a 7 inch one (omg). A year later we redid the meeting. This time it got even bigger – so we changed location to a Woyton Coffee shop in Cologne. Sascha Pallenberg from Eeepcnews.de / Netbooknews.com attended and even streamed live. YEARS before Facebook live or Periscope was even on the market. And on top of that, all of that was powered by 3G technology. Take that YouTube kiddies!

Today, my scope has changed drastically. I pretty much stopped blogging in the tech segment. Instead I shifted interest into concert promotion and photography, especially in relation to Asian artists. For a couple of years I am now working together with several concert promoters from all over Europe. My team counts 12 members now who create multimedia content regularly. I am proud how far we got in such a short time. Both marketing- and manpower wise. It amazes me how well known our brand Ohanami is now. Promoters, Artists and fans like and enjoy working with us and creating precious memories they treasure for a long time. I’m feeling privileged to get the chance to work with artists and idols and create art alongside them. It is art that stays – not just physically but also in my head.

I will never forget situations like standing directly in front of Tomomi Ogawa (Bassist of the famous japanese all-girl band SCANDAL) who then begins to pose just for you to get the perfect shot of her – or if you are working on reenacting the very famous shot of the Beatles on Abbey Road with a japanese beatband. This is just unforgettable.

Interviews that are held in a fast food restaurant at an insane sunny day with a temperature higher than inside the earths core; if you ask a hard rock band questions about cute metal girls or sitting right in front of a very very charismatic and chill dude like MIYAVI  are moments I will never, ever forget in my life.

I am thankful for these moments. Those moments are those in my life I will think about later.  I am thankful for all those people that got me to this point in life.

Thank you very, very much for 10 years of blogging. I love this lifestyle. Thank you so much for supporting me by reading, subscribing and sharing of my content. Thank you for pushing me further every single day to keep on doing what I am doing for the last decade.



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