#Cryptocoin Updates CW 06 / 2018

It’s friday! That means we should have a look at what happened this week in all things crypto. Okay. So first things first, it’s time to rejoice! The market finally stopped dropping. Things are mostly green and we are recovering!


Okay so, I am using Cointracking.info to track my movements. Most of my numbers rely on this service. Cointracking has it’s own connections on where to pull values and prices from and therefore might vary from other sources and calculations. To make things simple, I will just use this source to give you some insights. Also please be advised, that I will not show you how much money I actually invested in one altcoin. I will show you the percentage distribution of my portfolio, but not the actual volume I bought in fiat or amount of coins. Thank you for your understanding. Plus another disclaimer: I am not a financial consultant. Please do your own research and do not rely solely on my posts if you are investing or planning to.

Let’s take a look at this weeks Bitcoin chart:

Source. Cryptocompare.com

The good thing: We are recovering – The bad thing: We are not recovering as quick as we wanted to. Of course after the crash, everyone wanted Bitcoin to explode back into it’s all time high, but things are looking slow at the moment. And if you ask me, that is really healthy. Let Bitcoin recover slowly but steadily and we are in the green.

So what happened?

If you are looking for crazy gains, there is disappointment for you. Except one currency: Bitcoin Cash. BCH basically jumped after investors saw BTC recovering.

Source: Coinmarketcap.com

How is my portfolio looking now?

Not much has changed. I bought more BTC and ETH at the dip though which helps me recovering from my loss at Bitsequence now.

Source: Cointracking.com
Source: Cointracking.com

The spike you can see of course happened mostly because of my buy in of more BTC and ETH, but the last bit of growth is the first portion of profit I made through an Airdrop of Hydro Protocol (HOT) and an investment in Ripple (XRP). If you are watching the German Telegram group “Kryptoinfo DE” you saw me calling a buy in opportunity this morning. Ripple is going to announce a new partner soon and this was the reason throughout the day to spark more interest in this coin. If you invested by the time I called it, you made 18% profit as of now (18:30 German time).

Also I bought in small amounts of FUN and BLZ. Of course on Binance. And oh yeah. I received GAS for the NEO I’m holding.

At the moment I have two VPS mining the CPU coin Magi (XMG). The reason is, that Magi is Proof Of Work AND Proof Of Stake which means, that my wallet can generate passive income by just keeping it running. I installed it on my Raspberry Pi at home, so it can run 24/7 with minimal power use.

Oh last thing: I applied for an account over on Steemit. As soon as I get approved, I am going to push all my Blogposts over to their service. It gives me the possibility to earn STEEM, if other users upvote my content. I will update you guys on how this will turn out!

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