New Instagram algorithm – What to expect and what to do

So new year, new algorithm. Since Facebook took over Instagram, they try to implement the algorithms they use for their Facebook timeline, also into Instagram. With the changes, Facebook tries to make more money off of the picture platform. They are doing this by adjusting how influencers and big accounts with many followers are shown in their followers feeds. For those influencers, the visibility is reduced to roughly 10% of the possible feeds the posts are usually shown in. They are doign this, because they want YOU to boost your post with an ad campaign.

But there are also other changes to the algorithm, you should be aware of.

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Hashtags in comments are not used anymore

If you were one of those Instagrammers who wanted to have a clean description of the photos without using those ugly hashtags in them – you should overthink that now. Instagram stopped analyzing the hashtags that are used in, say, the first comment of the post anymore.


Instagram profile ranking

Your profile now has a ranking. If you know search engine optimization of the early days, the Google algorithm used a ranking system, to penalize websites which – according to Googles thoughts – are not worth it to appear on the first search result pages. Instagrammers are now penalized for malicious behavior as well. That means for example you should follow these rules now:

  • Do not change the description of the photo in the first 24h after posting. If you do so, the algorithm sees that, and puts your ranking in negative ranges. Also no changes and additions of hashtags!
  • If you pay or encourage people to like or comment your posts in the first 60 minutes after posting, the algorithm will penalize you as well. Instagram detects malicious activity on the photo with this technique and will show your post less in feeds. Best way to get around it, is to use the “call to action” social media marketing method and encourage your followers to do something on your post.
  • Follow-Unfollow method is now detected by the algorithm. Like above, your account will be penalized if you are following and unfollowing users in a short matter of time.

Hashtag spam may not the best thing to do anymore

Rejoice, you can still use up to 30 tags in your post. But you should overthink this also now. Social media professionals worldwide are suggesting, that you post around 7 hashtags now, which describe your post best. Only use the most relevant hashtags to ensure that you are making yourself a name in those hashtags.

If you are following these simple rules, you should also be successful in the future. Thank you for reading!

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