Mein erster Thingiverse Upload: Rackmount für Intel NUC

Sämtliche Hardware bei mir zu Hause betreibe ich der Sauberkeit und natürlich der einfacheren Strukturierbarkeit und Wartungsfähigkeit halber in einem kleinen Rack auf meinem Basteltisch. In diesem Rack habe ich derzeit ein kleines 2-Bay Synology NAS, einen Supermicro 1-HE Server, mehrere Raspberry Pi, einen Cisco 24 Port managed Switch und auch den NUC untergebracht. Desweiteren befinden sich hier auch einige Home Automation Bridges für OpenHAB. Das Rack selbst verfügt momentan noch nicht über eine eigene Kühlung. Allerdings werde ich wohl für den kommenden Sommer ein paar große, aber dennoch leise Lüfter anbringen.

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Neues Projekt: Homeserver mit Ubuntu 18.04, Firewalling, DNS Blackhole, Kameraserver, NAS und vieles mehr

Next Level: Das ist quasi das Motto meines neuen Projektes. Als Systemadministrator kann es ja nicht angehen, dass sämtliche Services, die ich zu Hause in Anspruch nehme auf einer Raspberry Pi 3 gehostet sind, die unter der Last schon auf dem letzten Loch pfeift. Den Entschluss, dass hier etwas neues her muss, habe ich schon vor einiger Zeit getroffen, was genau angeschafft werden sollte, musste ich mir aber längere Zeit überlegen.

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New Instagram algorithm – What to expect and what to do

So new year, new algorithm. Since Facebook took over Instagram, they try to implement the algorithms they use for their Facebook timeline, also into Instagram. With the changes, Facebook tries to make more money off of the picture platform. They are doing this by adjusting how influencers and big accounts with many followers are shown in their followers feeds. For those influencers, the visibility is reduced to roughly 10% of the possible feeds the posts are usually shown in. They are doign this, because they want YOU to boost your post with an ad campaign.

But there are also other changes to the algorithm, you should be aware of.

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[SPOILERS] The Last Jedi – The not really Star Wars movie

Well, first things first: Star Wars 8 is not really Star Wars. The only thing that it has in common with the old movies, are several of the original actors. But that’s about it then.

WARNING: This post contains spoilers. If you haven’t seen Star Wars Episode 8 – The Last Jedi yet, don’t read it. If you have, or don’t care about it that much, then go ahead and see what I want to tell you about the latest reboot. 

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5 steps to be a better person

Prelude: I am not going to be a personal coach. I am not even trying to be one. The content of this post may vary and your personal experience might differ. I don’t want to give you advice on how to live your life. This post is just a personal reminder on how I want my life to follow a certain path. 

First things first. Let me ask you an easy question:

When was the last time you can think of, you were a happy person and really satisfied with your life?

If you have to think about it, to answer this question, you might want to reconsider your life and the way you live it. Your time is already running out. Your life is not going to start “soon” – you are in the middle of it. Your remaining days on earth are finite and if you don’t start living your life how you want it now, you might miss out. I mean, if you are interested in this post, you obviously are already at a point in which you are considering different facts to be stumbling stones.

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