Home automation reloaded: OpenHAB2 – Starting a new journey

So for the past years, one of my little sideprojects was a little tinkering with home automation. Five years ago i started all this with a Raspberry Pi, an Arduino Duemillanove and some high voltage photocouplers. One of the first things I did was making my electric door opener available on the internet. For that I scripted a bash code into php which injected parameters into an Arduino sketch which was basically just switching on the 5V pins. The 5V pins then were connected to the control pins of the photocoupler, effectively switching on the door opener. I edited the script to just buzz the door for 5 seconds and then switching back off. Over the years I experimented more and more. But everything I did was very stressful since I had to program everything myself. I am now in the process of restructuring everything to make things more simple.

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Project Ohanami: These are my top reasons, why 2017 was bad

When you’re running an online business, you might know the following thoughts very well. There are good and bad years throughout the lifetime of your project. Whenever you feel like you’re having a good time, everything is going according to your plans or your plannings make it to a successful overall situation, there’s also times in which you have to overthink all possibilities and eventually adjust strategies and ways everything is being handled internally.

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